Skilled Nursing Facilities Can Emerge Stronger From Rising Pressures

Skilled Nursing Facilities have been facing great challenges.Threats to these organizations include the growth trend of home health care, staffing difficulties, and even population decline. Most urgent, perhaps, are the financial pressures.

Complications with health insurance reimbursements and the declining number of people who are able to afford SNFs create a rising financial concern. On top of that, those who are willing to pay for these services demand even higher quality from facilities.

So how can Skilled Nursing Facilities respond to this scenario?

Increasing nurse staffing and investing in high quality training are proven strategies for better outcomes in nursing facilities. It’s hard to meet residents’ health care needs when an organization is struggling with inadequate and scarce staff.

In fact, improving the quality of care has been directly linked to reduced numbers of hospitalization among residents.

There’s one key aspect that allows patients to be treated in nursing homes instead of hospitals: the staff’s ability to properly administer IV therapy.

Also known as infusion therapy, this technique is most commonly used for delivering nutrients, saline solution, or medication directly into the blood. It’s also an ally when it comes to treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, and other immune deficiencies. Skilled nurses know how to apply IV therapy while minimizing the risk of infection.

Improving IV therapy expertise is a practical solution for challenged Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Knowledgeable professionals understand the risks and know how to act in emergencies. They’re trained to carefully check the solutions delivered intravenously in order to ensure patient safety.

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