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Are you of great value to both your patients and healthcare facilities?

Becoming a certified nurse positions you as an asset and can also lead to numerous other benefits.

Imagine one of your patients needing emergency peripheral IV access. You may be the only one in your building who can perform it, assuming you have the proper training.

Situations such as those prove IV education to be invaluable. And with IV Mastery, it comes at an affordable price.

IV Mastery’s founder Hugues Villeneuve lives by the wise words of Dr. Hong:

“Inserting a line into a patient is one of the individual skills you can learn as a nurse that can save a life.”

When you are IV Certified, you can:

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Improve skills and confidence

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Move up in your nursing career

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Reach more employment and promotion opportunities

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Increase your salary and value in the marketplace

It’s time to become the best nurse you can be!

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IV Mastery helps you stand out to potential employers.

Let’s be honest… you don’t learn everything you need about IV management in school. And yet, you will be asked to provide care for infusion patients no matter where you go. Show that you have had the character to go above and beyond to educate yourself where others didn’t.

Employers seek this type of initiative and ambition when hiring and promoting professional nurses.

Countless floor nurses and nurse educators already use IV Mastery as their online training platform to assist others in learning everything they need to know about IV management.

“A+++++ A+++++ Strongly encouraging anyone that wants to keep their skills up to date to use it, great course! I feel much more confident about my IV management skills; excellent, thank you.”

– Simona Salcau, RN

I love being able to complete it at home or work; It serves as an excellent all-around refresher. I would highly recommend it as a review and for new nurses as well; very helpful and very well done!”

– Susan Rall, LPN

Your nursing education may have taken place long ago and the skills learned can easily fade away. You should refresh your memory on the vital skills that are so commonly performed in nursing. It’s one of the wisest career choices a nurse can make.

“Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses. We must be learning all of our lives.”

The words of Florence Nightingale are timeless. They remind us that nurses maintain the responsibility for continually expanding their education in their profession.

IV Mastery offers 13 courses in IV management and more than 30 contact hours. We provide the right tools and training to assist nurses in optimizing their IV education.

Get certified and reach your full potential!

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