About Us

IV Mastery was born out of two passions: education and intravenous insertion. Founder Hugues Villeneuve put both of them together to provide learning solutions for the healthcare community.

A shared family vision. ​​

It was March of 2022 when IV Mastery became a true family owned and operated business. With Hugues about to expand the learning platform he created into a 15th state, it was apparent that more hands were needed on deck! Gabriel, Hugues’ son, had already been working full-time as a researcher and project manager for IV Mastery.. But IV Mastery still needed a marketing director. With her business and social media marketing background, it made perfect sense for Hugues’ wife Nathalie to step into that role.

Together the Villeneuves share responsibilities and a vision for growing IV Mastery.

Hugues, Nathalie and Gabriel Villenueve

Our goal is to develop and empower nurses to deliver the highest quality care by simplifying how education is provided while staying current with the state’s IV certification requirements.

We do this by streamlining the IV therapy certification needs of long-term care pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities.

We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of seamless integration between a pharmacy and a healthcare facility.

Our program empowers LTC pharmacies to support their SNF partners, saving them significant time, resources, and expenses incurred from traditional IV certification classes.

IV Mastery is the leading online IV education platform in the US. We are proud to partner with long-term care pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities across sixteen states. We take the middleman out of the equation for an improved user experience.

IV Mastery understands your need to maximize resources while dealing with an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Skilled nursing facilities

Skilled nursing facilities must provide continuous IV certification and education to their nurses, so they often turn to their LTC pharmacy partners for help. But getting the necessary training from traditional classes has never been more difficult. Our platform offers a simple and affordable solution for expert training.

Keeping up with nurses’ IV certifications means that organizations must also resolve issues of compliance, logistics, and pricing. There are three significant challenges faced by leadership in skilled nursing facilities (SNF).



Even if only one nurse doesn’t meet the state’s IV certification requirements, this can lead to severe financial penalties for the SNF. And, in some cases, they can have their admissions suspended until they are in compliance.



In many cases, intravenous education takes nurses away from patient care for several hours. In addition, when the facility schedules classes, they typically take too many nurses away at once. Inevitably, they fall short-staffed, or nurses miss the training altogether.



In most cases, SNFs have to schedule multiple classes, driving the costs up even higher. In addition, they have to pay for all their nurse’s salaries to sit in a classroom, which can significantly affect their overall payroll budget.

There is a better way!

IV Mastery partners with long-term care pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities to streamline their IV certification and educational needs by:

Offering a wide variety of online classes to ensure that all aspects of intravenous education are available for nurses. All of the courses are compliant with standards of practice and state requirements.

Providing courses accessible from any device, so IV certified nurses can access whenever needed and during downtime. Each healthcare worker can learn at their own pace based on their own needs. This means less time off the floor and significant savings for both the LTC pharmacy and the SNF.

It’s time for a change.

Make continuous education a part of your facility’s strength.

Contact us if you want a better, more efficient, and cost-effective way to offer nurses IV certification and education.