Nursing Challenges: Crisis or Opportunity?

Nursing is one of the most challenging professions in healthcare. There is a constant need for high attention and problem solving. Empathy and emotional balance are crucial for patient care. Not to mention the long hours of strenuous work.

The tension certainly builds up on many occasions. With the pandemic and continuous technological advances, professionals have been facing even higher pressure.

A recent survey from McKinsey showed that one-third of frontline nurses aren’t confident that they have the skills necessary for future success in their roles.

At the same time, demand for skilled nurses keeps expanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for qualified registered nurses is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 7% until 2029. The need for nurse practitioners, midwives, and anesthetists is also on the rise.

So what is the missing link for placement and recognition of nursing professionals?

The most common barrier between good nurses and good positions is education.

The costs of training and reskilling in the traditional education system are often prohibitive for nursing professionals. Also, in today’s healthcare climate, meeting the educational needs of nurses in a traditional classroom setting is simply not practical.

Online education surfaces as a safe and cost effective alternative to the traditional classroom model. It’s a much more realistic way to remain compliant and up to date with continuing education for professionals.

Technological improvements have made it easy to disregard concerns over the efficacy of online learning. In fact, a 2018 study conducted by MIT compared online education to classroom education.

The study showed that over 70% of all students and educators believe online instruction to be as good as or better than a traditional classroom setting.

That’s the scenario in which IV Mastery was created. Our goal is to provide high quality and affordable IV education to those who need it, in the way they need it, and when they need it. Nursing professionals already have too much worry on their plate – updating skills shouldn’t be one of them.

IV Mastery provides high quality and affordable IV education for nursing professionals.


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