From ER Nurse to IV Expert

I feel so fortunate looking back at my journey – and even more so when I look ahead!

🌟 Founding and leading IV Mastery has truly been a dream come true.

It’s proof to what I always say: When you’re in business for yourself, you have to have fun and love what you do!

How my entrepreneurial spirit led me to a new solution for the healthcare industry.

When I graduated from college in 1989, all I knew is that I wanted to be a nurse. As soon as I started working in emergency rooms, I quickly realized I had a real knack for intravenous therapy.

Whenever I saw my colleagues struggling to perform IV insertions, it was my instinct to train them and share my own skills.

In 2002, I moved from Canada to the United States to become a nurse educator in a skilled nursing facility in Fairfield, Connecticut. I fell in love with New England as much as I did with teaching.

My experience proved the importance of high-quality infusion therapy in healthcare. And it also opened my eyes to the huge educational gap in this industry.

I had two kids and two jobs by that time. Closing my eyes was often a temptation, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to be part of the solution.

That’s when my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in.

What if there was a way to provide affordable and top-notch IV education to all nurses across the United States?

From 2017 to 2020, I worked on content to build an online platform that could guarantee high-quality and low-stress infusion therapy education for skilled nursing facilities.

And in August 2020, while the world still lived a pandemic nightmare, I continued to follow my dream and I launched IV Mastery.

It’s been thrilling to see thousands of nurses benefit from IV Mastery’s training while also providing easy staff training solutions to hundreds of facilities nationwide.

The company grew so fast that it soon became a family business. My lovely wife and my beloved son now also play a big role in keeping the dream alive.

Balance is one of the most important values in my life. I’ve always combined hard work with family travels, dedicated cooking, and daily meditation.

And it’s precisely the balance between the roles of nurse and business leader that revealed my true calling.


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